Medicare can be so confusing. Let one of our trusted local agents help you narrow down your Medicare Options

Medicare Advantage, also called Part C of Medicare, is one of the options you have. At Senior Planning Center we offer most of the Six Medicare Advantage Carriers in Maine, so we can help you to make the best decision for you! With No Cost Services available in every corner of Maine, we are committed to being your one stop resource for this next step.

Not sure if a Medicare Advantage plan is for you? That’s why we offer Medicare Supplements too!

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Get all of your information from one trusted source

Not all Medicare insurance plans are the same. You need to find the ideal fit for you. Our team will assess your current needs and recommend a plan for you. You won't have to shop around on your own. We have all of the information you need on every possible option. Finding the right insurance for your situation is important. Consult a Medicare insurance plans expert from Senior Planning Center with agents in every Maine county and offices in Belfast, Presque Isle, Skowhegan, Farmington and Sanford.