We recognize that cost can be a major barrier to accessing the medications you need. At Senior Planning Center, we take a holistic approach to your medical care and view EVERY option to help you get your prescriptions at the most affordable price possible.

Medicare Part D in the state of Maine including Farmington, Rumford, Skowhegan or Presque Isle, ME can help you pay for prescription drugs

Medicare Prescription Drug Plans, also called Part D of Medicare, are how you access your prescription coverage once you are Medicare Eligible. You may have heard of terms like donut hole, coverage gap, and deductibles that can all be confusing. It can be extremely difficult to budget for medications when the cost seems to only go up. At Senior Planning Center we not only offer all your Medicare Part D options, but we also help with finding other sources of funding to make sure you can afford the prescriptions you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Need more than just prescription coverage? We offer Medicare Advantage Plans too!

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Are your prescription drugs covered?

You may rely on certain prescription drugs to maintain a healthy, happy lifestyle. You want to make sure that you can pay for these medications, no matter what. That's why it's important to know whether or not your medication is covered. Part D Rx plans must fully or mostly cover the cost of the drugs in six categories:


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